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Software Release Notes 4.1.2

LocaPhone Version 4.1.2 Maintenance-Version

Veröffentlicht: Oktober 2014

  • System-Funktionen verbessert

  • Performance-Optimierung und Stabilität

Verbesserte Funktionalitäten

  • [dialplan] You are now able to pause an agent directly after logging in.

  • [prov/mediant800] Set up ignore-bri-los-alarm parameter depending on configured BRI port types

  • [livemon] The monitoring services (ape) will work without wildcard dns entries.

Behobene Fehler

  • [dialplan] Fixed hangup cause for external calls



  • LocaPhone 4.1.2, astbuttond 4.0/1410, Asterisk

  • LocaPhone Livemon-Server 4.0.0

  • LocaPhone Audiodateien DE 1.2.0, EN 1.2.0, MoH 4.1.2


  • Firmware snom 8.4.32

  • Firmware Gigaset DE700/900: 02.00.10, DE310/410: 02.00.07

  • Firmware Gigaset DECT N720 70.084, N510 42.194

  • Firmware Mitel/Astra

  • Firmware Polycom 3.1.2b

  • Firmware Audiocodes M800 F6.60A.257.002

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