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Software Release Notes 4.1.3

LocaPhone Version 4.1.3 Maintenance-Version

Veröffentlicht: März 2015

  • System-Funktionen verbessert

  • Performance-Optimierung und Stabilität

  • Endgeräte-Unterstützung verbessert

Verbesserte Funktionalitäten

  • [core] Reintegrated and improved fax integration with LUA dialplan

  • [core] Added userevent for notifying the astbuttond that the users name has been changed

  • [core] Added sending new userevent when adding a new user

  • [dialplan] Removed queue callback macro because it may cause Asterisk to crash

  • [dialplan] Removed talker detection from conference rooms

  • [galilei/dialplan] The channel variable `huntgroup-prefix` will not be set to a nil value when calling a parallel call extension.

  • [prov/gigaset] Add i18n for strings used in xmlInterface/gc

Behobene Fehler

  • [core] Fixed Bug 807: fixed backup and made it log to syslog

  • [dialplan] Fixed call forwarding and parallel/huntgroup calls. Never ever forward calls with callfile origin.

  • [dialplan] Fixed setting the timeout for queues in the lua dialplan forwarding rules.

Weitere Änderungen

  • [astbuttond] r1523: astbuttond can be notified that the users name has changed.

  • [astbuttond] r1521: Added new userevent "UserAddUI".

  • [astbuttond] r1520: Add new users to all SQL query defined permission groups.



  • LocaPhone 4.1.3, astbuttond 4.0/1524, Asterisk

  • LocaPhone Livemon-Server 4.0.0

  • LocaPhone Audiodateien DE 1.2.0, EN 1.2.0, MoH 4.1.3


  • Firmware snom 8.4.32

  • Firmware Gigaset DE700/900: 02.00.10, DE310/410: 02.00.07

  • Firmware Gigaset DECT N720 70.084, N510 42.194

  • Firmware Mitel/Astra

  • Firmware Polycom 3.1.2b

  • Firmware Audiocodes M800 F6.60A.257.002

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