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Software Release Notes 4.2.0

LocaPhone Version 4.2.0 Feature-Version

Veröffentlicht: April 2015

  • Snom D715, Snom D725, Snom D7, Snom PA1

  • Gigaset Maxwell 10, C430(A) IP

  • Routing-Profile für eingehendes Routing (am Endgerät/in Web-UI auswählbar)

  • Sammelanschlüsse: Anzeige Name des Sammelanschlusses bei ankommendem Ruf

  • Warteschlangen: feste Zuordnung von Benutzern zu Warteschlangen

  • Video-Support je Benutzer konfigurierbar

  • Snom Branding Endgeräte (Boot-Logo, Idle Screen)

  • Weckruf: Menü-Funktion an unterstützten Endgeräten (Snom, Mitel/Aastra, Gigaset)

  • Überarbeitete Autoprovisionierung (Snom, Gigaset, Polycom, Mitel/Aastra)

  • Endgeräte-Unterstützung verbessert

Neue Funktionen

  • [core] Added static queue members

  • [core] Added title and callerid-prefix for huntgroups

  • [dialplan] Added inbound routing profiles. Profiles are selectable by a feature-code. Added permission `set_routing_profile`.

  • [phone-ui] Added wakeup call xml setup page for snom, aastra and gigaset phones

  • [prov/snom] settings: Provision branding-related configuration items

  • [prov/snom] branding: Mechanism and functions to handle (safe) delivery of branding-related files

  • [prov/snom] branding: Replacement idle screens and splash/background graphics for LocaPhone branding

  • [prov/snom] Extension module (D7) support for Snom D715

  • [prov/snom] Recognize and support Snom D715, Snom D725, Snom 870, Snom MP and Snom PA1

  • [prov/snom] Add extension module (Snom D7) support for Snom720/760

  • [prov/gigaset] Support and provision Maxwell 10 devices incl. management of device firmware (minimum required firmware version is 1.0.28)

  • [prov/gigaset] Add support for C430 IP DECT basestations, add identifiers for A-variants (basestations w/internal answering machines)

Verbesserte Funktionalitäten

  • [core] Make SIP video support a per-user configurable option

  • [core] Reimplemented alarm system

  • [web-ui] Allow up to 22 ringtones to be selected, add Gigaset note to ringtone selection module separately for generic ringer handling, apply DRP for Gigaset phones

  • [web-ui] Expand short language names sent by newer browsers (esp. Firefox) before matching

  • [prov/mediant800] Change CED transfer mode and Fax signaling method for better T.38 compatibility

  • [prov/snom] Bump Snom default FW version to

  • [prov/snom] snom-common: Function to reply a HTTP 404 while canceling script execution, add define for the snom provisioning fs-root

  • [prov/snom] cSnomCFG: Provide functionality to populate the uploads-category in XML config files

  • [prov/snom] sw-update: Remove unneccessary user request var

  • [prov/snom] Make use of refactored UA/MAC parser functionality in settings.php and sw-update.php, further cleanups

  • [prov/snom] Move UA parser and MAC validator to snom-common, add wrapper for both functions

  • [prov/snom] Removed functionless directory pool from dial screens and rom call screen. Configuration menu is now available on "down key" across all phone models.

  • [prov/snom] Write fkey labels into label attributes of fkey XML elements for FW 8.2+

  • [prov/snom] De-duplicate HTTP header set up and nonchunked transfer enforcing

  • [prov/snom] cleanup, unclutter, cosmetics, commentary, readability for settings and sw-update

  • [prov/snom] Make codec order identical for all firmware versions

  • [prov/snom] Drop old (and ugly) way of generating the settings file, utilize cSnomCFG instead

  • [prov/snom] Get rid of _snomcnfXmlEsc and $prov_url_snom, use function and define from snom-common

  • [prov/snom] Provide function for (snom-specific) XML escaping in snom-common

  • [prov/snom] Class for handling the snom configuration file

  • [prov/snom] Language files: Drop language version list, rather require a filled lang-<version> dir for (provisioned) firmware versions

  • [prov/snom] locaphone-config: Bump default FW version for all phones to

  • [prov/snom] FW-upgrade: Drop 6to7 upgrade, cleanup sw-update.php, cosmetics

  • [prov/snom] Refactor firmware version string handling (now supports version strings with an arbitrary number of parts and letters)

  • [prov/snom] Introduce with various functions and defines usable in the snom provisioning

  • [prov/aastra] Configuration variable to append additional hosts to "xml application post list" "BS_IP_Data.ucBAllowNotifyFromAnonymous"
    (neccessary since latest firmware versions, fixes non-working config refetch request via SIP NOTIFY)

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell: Change UA regex to recognize any DVF revision with also alphanumeric in version parts

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell: Properly support firmware versions consisting of four parts

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell 10 support: Enable H.264 support in Asterisk's SIP configuration

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell 10 support: Configuration options

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell 10 support: Required changes to core components (scripting, Web-UI etc.)

  • [prov/gigaset] Provision ringtone selection from user settings

  • [prov/gigaset] Function to convert diallog type strings to their respective flags used in diallog filter

  • [prov/polycom] Set 24h clock option also for phones running FW 2.1.2 (or earlier)

  • [prov/polycom] Add gitignore, setting: Configure backlight

  • [prov/polycom] settings: Properly provision language and date/time settings

  • [prov/polycom] features: Add missing includes (fixes broken CID selection)

  • [prov/polycom] settings: Provision 'voicemail' (instead of 'mailbox') as mailbox ext (fixes calling voicemail using the phone's 'messages' button)

  • [prov/polycom] directory: Remove hardcoded ua override (probably used for debugging purposes), utilise (Gigaset) API to retrieve and populate the non-microbrowser-phonebook

  • [prov/polycom] DND: Use API for DND control, simplify/cleanup code, cosmetics

  • [prov/polycom] phonebook: Use (Gigaset) API, cleanup and simplify code

  • [prov/polycom] diallog: Make use of (Gigaset) API functions, improve and tidy up (and get rid of almost all SQL) code

  • [prov/polycom] htaccess: Remove RewriteBase and absolute paths

Behobene Fehler

  • [prov/snom] Fix provisioning of the retrieve button on FW 8.7.5+

  • [prov/gigaset] Maxwell: Fix undefined constant notice

  • [prov/polycom] extnumber-display: Fix doctype var usage, cleanups and cosmetics

  • [prov/polycom] callforwards: Fix CFW settings subpage (duplicate/illegal output removed)

Weitere Änderungen

  • [astbuttond] DND and call list buttons will also be controlled by the Astbuttond

  • [astbuttond] r1532: Caller list keys are flashing when active.

  • [astbuttond] r1530: Key colours will be mapped to a supported color for each snom phone model (snom 820/821, snom 715, snom 720, snom 760).

  • [astbuttond] r1529: Added support for snom D715, snom D725 and snom D7 keypad extension.

  • [astbuttond] r1512: astbuttond can be notified that the users name changed.

  • [astbuttond] r1495: Do not obfuscate the json extensions.

  • [astbuttond] r1489: Added new userevent "UserAddUI"

  • [astbuttond] r1488: Add new users to all SQL query defined permission groups.

  • [astbuttond] r1445: Added new button type to switch inbound routing profiles.

  • [astbuttond] r1443: Reverted asterisk-java to previous version to fix problems with detecting the online status of the phones. Switched Log4J-log level to "Error".

  • [astbuttond] r1437: Moved documentation to doc-directory. Added new init-, default- and logrotate-script to documentation.

  • [astbuttond] r1435: astbuttond now supports jsvc as service wrapper. Added ant target "combined" to include all libraries. Added ant target "obfuscate" to obfuscate the astbuttond.jar.



  • LocaPhone 4.2.0, astbuttond 4.0/1533, Asterisk

  • LocaPhone Livemon-Server 4.0.0

  • LocaPhone Audiodateien DE 1.2.0, EN 1.2.0, MoH 4.2.0


  • Firmware snom

  • Firmware Gigaset DE700/900: 02.00.10, DE310/410: 02.00.07

  • Firmware Gigaset DECT N720 70.084, N510 42.194

  • Firmware Mitel/Astra

  • Firmware Polycom 3.2.7

  • Firmware Audiocodes M800 F6.60A.257.002

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