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Software Release Notes 4.3.0

LocaPhone Version 4.3.0 Feature-Version

Veröffentlicht: November 2015

  • Snom D765, D375

  • Mitel 6863i, 6865i, 6867i, 6869i

  • Yealink SIP-T48G, SIP-T46G, SIP-T42G, SIP-T41P

  • Aufzeichnung/Mitschneiden von Gesprächen

  • Hinweisanzeigen am Endgerät (Queue/allgemeine Informationen) deaktivierbar

  • "Assisted Transfer": Menü-Funktion, ob Ziel für Vermittlungsvorgang frei/besetzt ist

  • Web-Interface - Abspielen, Download, Löschen von aufgezeichneten Gesprächen

  • Web-Interface - Upload von Begrüßungs-Ansage Voicemail

  • Web-Interface - Manuelles Hinzufügen von Endgeräten mittels MAC-Adresse

  • Web-Interface - Anmeldung von Benutzern am provisionierten Endgerät

  • Erweiterte Autoprovisionierung (Snom, Yealink, Mitel)

  • Performance-Optimierung und Stabilität

  • Endgeräte-Unterstützung verbessert

Neue Funktionen

  • [PHONE-52] - Recording of all calls of a SIP gateway

  • [PHONE-53] - Management of call recordings via Web UI

  • [PHONE-54] - Transmission of caller name on SIP gateways

  • [PHONE-65] - Define special ring tone for alarm calls

Verbesserte Funktionalitäten

  • [PHONE-49] - replacement of MOH files due to licence issues

  • [PHONE-58] - [prov/snom] turn off backlight when phone is idle

Behobene Fehler

  • [PHONE-24] - LDAP script references wrong directory

  • [PHONE-48] - Call recording does not work on incoming calls from hunt groups

  • [PHONE-59] - call forward call timeout is used when call forward is inactive

  • [PHONE-61] - SIP header privacy added multiple times

  • [PHONE-63] - Unattended transfer does not return to transferee if called party is busy

  • [PHONE-66] - The second failover gateway group is never used for outbound calls

  • [PHONE-68] - [dialplan] Caller-ID name is being removed on inbound calls

Weitere Änderungen

  • [dialplan] PHONE-68 - do not replace callerid name on inbound external calls with the callerid number if no contact can be found in the phonebook or reverse search has been disabled

  • [core] Name UPGRADE-DB properly for 4.3 release

  • [web-ui] PHONE-53 - add webinterface for managing (listen, download, delete) recorded calls

  • [web-ui] Create VM spool userdir if non-existent when uploading VM announcements

  • [core] PHONE-65 - Define custom ring tone for alarm calls

  • [core] PHONE-52 - Provide option to record (MixMonitor) all calls going from/to a SIP gateway

  • [dialplan] PHONE-55 - Fix: call-forwarding time does not reset after transferring picked up external call back to its origin called extension

  • [dialplan] PHONE-59 - Fixed call forward/call timeout issue

  • [dialplan] PHONE-66 - fixed usage of second failover gateway group for outbound calls

  • [dialplan] PHONE-63 -  fixed blind transfer failed function

  • [dialplan] PHONE-48 - Fixed call recording in huntgroups

  • [prov/yealink] Fix notify action id in prov_phone_checkcfg_by_ext, don't force keepipadr option when calling prov_update_ip

  • [core] PHONE-24 - auto-determine location of LDAP related files

  • [prov/snom] PHONE-58: provision backlight_idle

  • [web-ui] Add subpage for management of the voicemail greeting/announcement

  • [dialplan] PHONE-61 - Remove sip header "Privacy" before setting it again.

  • [prov/snom] Disabled short SIP headers

  • [prov/aastra] Updated language pack to version

  • [prov/snom] Added snom D375 and snom D765 support

  • [astbuttond] send display messages to a group of phones by adding permission "push_message" to related group of users; send queue information messages to a group of phones by adding permission "push_message" in a group of queues.

  • [dialplan] Removed different voicemail announcements for internal/external calls. The unavailable message will now be used as the voicemail greeting if it has been recorded via the voicemail voice menu

  • [prov/yealink] Autoprovisioning for Yealink SIP-T4x IP phones

  • [prov/yealink] GUI additions for Yealink IP phone support

  • [prov/yealink] Script additions and SIP NOTIFY event for Yealink IP phone support

  • [prov/yealink] Configuration parameters for Yealink IP phone provisioning

  • [web-ui] Provisioning/Phones: Editable user-assignment list, add form to manually add new phones (MAC address and type, helpful for PROV_AUTO_ADD_PHONE=false), reorder columns



  • LocaPhone 4.3.0, astbuttond 4.3.0, Asterisk

  • LocaPhone Livemon-Server 4.0.0

  • LocaPhone Audiodateien DE 1.2.0, EN 1.2.0, MoH 4.3.0


  • Firmware snom

  • Firmware Gigaset DE700/900: 02.00.10, DE310/410: 02.00.07

  • Firmware Gigaset DECT N720 70.084, N510 42.194

  • Firmware Mitel/Astra

  • Firmware Polycom 3.2.7

  • Firmware Audiocodes M800 F6.60A.257.002

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