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Software Release Notes 4.5.1

LocaPhone Version 4.5.1 Maintenance-Version

Veröffentlicht: November 2016

  • Endgeräte-Unterstützung verbessert (Mitel/Snom/Yealink)

Verbesserte Funktionalitäten

  • [PHONE-220] - [prov/yealink] increase phone display backlight idle timeout

  • [PHONE-223] - [prov/mitel] provide softkeys for 68xxi

  • [PHONE-231] - [prov/yealink] Do not delete call list without confirmation

Behobene Fehler

  • [PHONE-216] - [prov/yealink] Phones shouldn't use their 'internal' visual pickup info if astbuttond is in use

  • [PHONE-217] - [prov/gigaset] N720 umlaut breaks displayed names in phonebook

  • [PHONE-224] - [prov/mitel] firmware reporting broken

  • [PHONE-226] - [prov/yealink] The AstButtond must not configure pickup buttons for Yealink phones

  • [PHONE-228] - [prov/yealink] Toggling call forward sets timeout to 1 second

Weitere Änderungen

  • [prov/aastra] PHONE-223 - added default softkeys for DND, phonebook and voicemail on models 6869i and 6873i

  • [prov/yealink] PHONE-228 - copy timeout values to all forward cases

  • [prov/yealink] PHONE-231 - add confirmation screen before truncating call lists

  • [prov/yealink] increase idle time until the phone display backlight is turned off

  • [prov/yealink] disable 'internal' visual pickup info if astbuttond is in use

  • [prov/yealink] astbuttond does not configure pickup buttons for Yealink phones. Font size of the status text of model T48G is now larger and the font color is light gray.



  • LocaPhone 4.5.1, astbuttond 4.5.1, Asterisk

  • LocaPhone Livemon-Server 4.0.0

  • LocaPhone Audiodateien DE 1.2.1, EN 1.2.1, MoH 4.5.1


  • Firmware snom

  • Firmware snom DECT 03.24.0012

  • Firmware Yealink 80.0.130

  • Firmware Gigaset DE700/900: 02.00.10, DE310/410: 02.00.07

  • Firmware Gigaset DECT N720 70.084, N510/C610 42.194

  • Firmware Mitel/Astra

  • Firmware Polycom UC 4.0.11, Polycom 3.2.7

  • Firmware Audiocodes M800 F6.60A.304.001

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